Account activation
1PokerStars (RealPoker)
1Pokerstars(1PS) accounts are tied to your device. So if an account was registered on a device A, then to login from a device B you need to receive a confirmation SMS-code and use it to login.

Request 1PS account activation from Pokeroff managers.

Process looks like this:
1) We give you 1PS accounts
2) You login on the account and request an SMS.
3) We send you SMS-code.
4) You type in the code in PS1.

After this, an account will be activated on your device and you it will be possible to login only from the same device. If you will need to login to the account from a different device, the whole process will have to be repeated.
Lets start:
1. Country code
2. Phone number for the account
3. Tap on the hieroglyphs to request an SMS
4. Input the received SMS code.
5. Confirm
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