How to install Molly's game

Step #1: Download the client
Molly's Game — poker-room for mobile devices, but it can be launched on a PC using emulators.

To play from a PC, you have to download and install one of these emulators.

Open the Molly's Game website and download the ".apk" file

Click on the first link on the webpage:
    Downloading apk molly's game
    Step #2: Register
    Launch the emulator, install apk, open application and click on "Register" button:
    Registration in molly's game
    You will see this window:
    Registration in molly's game
    1. Provide a phone number, which you want to use for registration of your account.
    Other way: you can use a Google Voice account, access to which you can get through one of our managers. Open the Google Voice interface, copy the phone number and keep the Google Voice opened for SMS verification .

    2. Button for the phone number verification code request.
    3. Type in the code, which you received on your phone.
    4. Create a password for your account.
    5. Click on the big button to finish the registration process.

    Now you are on the profile page:
    players profile in molly's game
    On this page you need to provide your nickname in chinese and choose your gender. "What's up" can be just skipped or you can write some information about yourself, it has to be in chinese

    You can use Google Translate to translate your nickname and "about" information

    After this stage, your account will be done. Now you can login to Molly's game anytime using your phone and password.

    Please keep in mind, that when logging in to the application you don't have to put the country code.
    Step #3: Join a Club
    To do that, you need to navigate to the "Community" tab in Molly's game and click on the "Join Community" button.
    community search in molly's game
    Use the "search" field and type in: "138888":
    Club search in molly's game
    To join the club use the yellow button at the bottom of the screen:
    joining a club in molly's game
    Registration process is done, enjoy Molly's game poker room.
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