NOX setup guide
Download 2 files:
Download room apk-file, which you want to install:
    1. Install NOX
    After installation, it must be closed, because version 4.4.2 is by default and it does not suit us.
    2. Create emulator and start Android 5.1.1
    On the desktop, in addition to the Nox shortcut, the Multi-Drive shortcut should appear - open it.

    There create a new emulator version of Android 5.1.1:
    When it is ready, launch it:
    Important: To play from several accounts at the same time you will need several emulators: one for each table.
    Install as many emulators as you have accounts.
    5. Install PokerMaster or other room
    There are two ways to add a Chinese room to the emulator: specify the path to the apk-file of the room (for example PokerMaster) or drag it to the emulator window.
    When such a window appears (below) - just flip through the pages to the left as on a smartphone (swipe).
    6. Install Fake GPS
    Installation: Set the path to the FakeGPS apk-file or drag it to the MOMO emulator.

    Launch: click on FakeGPS Free → click on Enable Mock locations → enable Allow Mock Locations → go back to the main menu (click triangle) → accept the agreement (Accept button).
    Double click on any point on the territory and click on the yellow triangle. After the message "Fake location engaged ..." appears - exit the application.
    Important: each time you start PokerMaster (or another Chinese room) on a separate emulator, you must enable Fake GPS and enter the coordinates in China.
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