How to cashout from PokerCommunity (FirePoker)
Important: You are transferring money to our agents account.

We will receive a report about the transfer on the next day and will be able to cashout the money to your online wallet/bank.
Step #1: Create a password
Go to the tab "Me" and click on "My bag"
Create a cashout password and approve it.
Save this password, as it will be required every time you cashout.
Creation of cashout password on pokercommunity
Step #2: Send money to our agents account
Go to the "Me" tab.
Use the ID of our agents account: 88380239
Type in the amount, which you would like to send(в фишках, 1 CNY = 3,000 фишек).
Notice that "Est Stacks" shows the amount in Yuan.
Tap in your cashout password.

Contact our manager and tell him your account ID and the amount in CNY, which you sent.
    cashout from pokercommunity
    Using the same way you can transfer money between your 2 accounts, you will just have to change our account ID with your account ID of the account where you want to send the money.

    Please be very careful before sending money, double check the ID, if you will make a mistake and send money to the wrong person, we will not be able to retrieve them.
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