PokerKing Installation Manual

Step # 1: Installing the Emulator
PokerKing is a poker app for mobile devices. To play from your computer you will need a mobile device emulator. There are three programs to choose from. For each we wrote an instruction:

Step # 2: Install PokerKing
Download poker room client installer — apk-file PokerKing

Now you need to add it to the emulator. There are two ways: specify the path to the apk-file PokerKing (pk.apk) or drag it to the emulator window.
Step # 3: Register at PokerKing
Run the PokerKing client in the emulator. An authorization window will appear. To register, press the lower button:
On the account registration page, you must enter the invitation code, and confirm your phone number. Page interface below:
Important: do not use phone codes (+7) Russia and (+63) Phillippines.
1. In the first field with an envelope, you must enter the code 5YUGW - this is a required code, without which the account will not have access to the game.

2. Choose your country by phone code and specify the phone number in the second field.

3. Enter the verification code, which you will see at the right side of the third field. Press the button (5). You will see a pop-up confirmation of the number in which you will need to click the right button.
After that, an SMS with a code will be sent to your phone. The received code must be entered in the field (4) and you need to click on the blue button (6):
You need to come up with a nickname in Chinese and set a password for your account. To translate English-language nicknames into Chinese, you can use the gamecooltext service or an online translator like Google Translate.

The nickname fits in the field (1), and the password is repeated twice (2).
Further, you will get to the page with the choice of login. This login is used to enter the room. There must be numbersin the login (1). When you have entered the appropriate login, click on the blue button (2):
Now you can play.
Attention: One account allows you to play only at one table. For multi-tabling, you need to use several accounts. For each account and table, you should run a separate emulator.
PokerKing Interface
After you've successfully registered in the room, you can proceed to the game client.
In this article, we'll talk about the interface and purpose of all the buttons.
Room Lobby
This is how the main tab looks. (marked by 6)
The key elements:

1. Room balance and cash.
2. Limit switcher (micro, low, medium, high).
3. "Hide Full Tables" Option.
4. Fast Table Filter.
5. List of available Tables (Limits(anti), players, lifetime of Table and number of players(FR Tables marked be blue, 6-max Tables marked by green).
6. Lobby with current Tables (we are here).
7. Cash.
8. Game Statistics.
9. Profile and Settings.
After selecting the Fast Table Filter (4) you will proceed to the new tab.
The key elements:

1. Full Ring tables (FR)
2. Limit Selection (micro, low, medium, high)
3. Short-handed tables (6-max)
4. Limit Selection (micro, low, medium, high)
5. Entry to random limit-suited Table
6. Show limit-suited Tables
«Cash» Tab
The key elements:

1. Deposit (guide)
2. Cashout (guide)
3. History of transactions
«Statistics' Tab (8)
This tab contains main information about history of your games.
«Profile and Settings» Tab (9)

The key elements:

1. Balance.
2. Account Clubs.
3. Code Entry (useless).
4. Cards (useless).
5. Account Settings.

You can go to the "Account Settings" tab by clicking on (5).
«Settings» Tab

The key elements:

1. Logout (after click you should verify logout pop-up)
2. Interface Language
3. Mute Sound
4. Change Password

After you click "Change Password" there will be tab for changing "Main" and "Secondary" passwords. After that, you should verify your phone and enter new passwords (6-14 symbols).
Game Table
After selection of Table in Lobby you would proceed with "Table Connection" pop-up
The key elements:

1. Minimum Buy-In.
2. Selection of landing Seat.
3. Available Balance.
4. "Join" Button.

If available balance is not enoughto join, app will proceed to the deposit balance screen.
Table management:

1. Red Button – Fold.
2. Blue Button – Raise. Hold the button to select a Raise using scrollbar or hotkeys (1/2, 2/3, 1). There would be Raise amount under the key.
3. Green Button – Time-bank.
4. In the bottom of the screen: notes, size of the time-bank, smileys and chat.
5. Cards.

Pay attention to the menu button (3 lines) in the left upper part of the table.

After clicking it, you will see:
The key elements:

1. Exit from Table and spectate.
2. Game Rules.
3. Deposit.
4. Cash-out.
5. Favorite Seat.
6. Table Settings.
7. Exit from the Table (commission won't be paid until the end of table).
8. Exit with withdrawal (commission will be paid).
Lets go to the Table settings:
The key elements:

1. Card View.
2. Card Back.
3. Table View.
4. Set Up Fast Bets.
5. Restore the Default Settings.

When using Fast Bets (block 4), you can specify the bet size in % with buttons. For example, you can set the raise size to 40% using 1/3 button.

How to make a deposit at PokerKing

1. Open the Cash menu
Start the PokerKing client and click on the gold chip in the lobby. In the opened window (screenshot below), click on the left blue button:
1. Choose a deposit method
In a new window, click on the purple icon with a credit card:
3. Indicate the amount of the deposit
In the box below you will find two fields. It is important to fill them correctly:

  • In the first field indicate the amount of the deposit (no more than 50,000 yuan per one transaction).
  • In the second field, copy the special code - 周茂泉

Then click on the yellow button below.
Attention: Each time before you enter the code to make a deposit, you need confirmation from the Pokeroff manager that this code is up-to-date. At the same time, the deposit amount per one transaction should not exceed 50,000 yuan.
4. Send an inquiry to the Pokeroff manager
Next, a window with information about the deposit will appear (screenshot below).
Attention: make a screenshot of the window (like the screenshot below) and send it to your Pokeroff manager. After that, click on the blue button (opposite the ID).
As soon as the request is processed, the money will be credited to the account. If you have any questions, please contact the Pokeroff manager.

How to make a cashout at PokerKing

1. Open the Cash menu
Start the PokerKing client and click on the gold chip in the lobby.
In the opened window (screenshot below), click on the blue button in the middle
In the new window, click on the blue hieroglyphs:
2. Set a password for the Cashout
Click on the gray button (1) to request an e-mail with the code. Enter the sent code in the first field (2). In the second and third field,(3) enter a password for the Cashout (its different from your regular password). Then click on the blue button (4).
Next, enter the password for the Cashout, which was specified in the previous window.
3. Enter the bank details
You need to fill in the bank details according to the manual.
Attention: Each time when you are entering the details for making a cashout, Its very important to get confirmation of the Pokeroff manager that this bank account is up-to-date.
Here is how correctly filled order looks like:
Each field is numbered. Just enter everything in order.
#1 Bank: 招商银行
Usually this bank is the 5th from the top in the list.
#2 and #3 Account number: 6214832708487447
#4 Recipient: 周茂泉
#5 Region: 湖北省
At the moment of the instructions creation (14.08.18), the desired option is exactly in the middle of the list (17th under both the bottom and top).
#6 Province: 武汉市
If the region is selected correctly, then this province will be automatically selected in the list.

Then click the big yellow button below and you will see a happy smiley. This means that the binding of the bank card to the account for the Cashout was successful. In the future, you won't need to enter all the data again. It will only be necessary to indicate the desired amount of output.

Then click the yellow button again.
4. Specify the amount of the cashout
On the next screen, in a single field, indicate the amount of the cashout. Be sure to take a screenshot of this window (example below) and send it to a Pokeroff manager. After that, click on the yellow button again:
Attention: Single transaction limit is 50,000 yuan.
After those steps, you will see a window with information about Cashout. Make a second screenshot and send to a Pokeroff manager.
For the last time, click on the yellow button and wait for the money to be withdrawn. As soon as the money arrives on the account, Pokeroff manager will immediately notify you about it.

PokerKing GameFAQ

In this section you will find answers to F.A.Q. about PokerKing Asia. We will update list of questions later.
1. Which information can youget from Statistics section?
In the menu of the poker client, you will seethat information is in Chinese. We translated those values into English.
Attention: There is no way to get VPIP for free on PokerKing (unlike PokerMaster).
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