Guide to PokerTime

Here you will find all the available information about PokerTime.


Important: Our scouts have conducted a successful security check of the room. Nevertheless, this platform is still relatively new. Because of that, we recommend you to be careful and refrain from storing big amounts on your balance.
1. Rake 5% from a winning table (on the limits 5/10/20)
2. Rake 3% from a winning table (on the limits 5/20/40 and higher)
3. Players register their accounts themselves
4. Players can make deposits on their own
5. Min deposit — 0.002 BTC or 0.1 ETH
6. Players make their own cashouts (exchange rate for cashouts is a bit worse that deposit exchange rate)
7. Cashout commission is taken by the platform (0.0005 BTC or 0.005 ETH)
8. Game is played using Chinese Yuan
9. Chinese language interface (you can find translation below)
10. There is no insurance
11. At the moment you can only play NLH 8max (no HU, no PLO)

Interface: translation to english

Lobby and other tabs
1. Micro stakes
2. Small stakes
3. Mid stakes
4. High stakes
5. Don't show full tables
6. Filters
7. Lobby
8. Promotions
9. Cashier
10. Club
11. Profile
1. Main table options
2. Top-up balance (cashier)
3. Check the results
4. Hand history
5. Chat
Option menu
1. Combinations
2. Table options (table color, deck)
3. Insurance information
4. Rake and commission
5. Buy more chips
6. Leave seat
7. Take chips and leave table
8. Leave table
Players statistics
If you click a player at the table you will be able to see his stats

Stats are from the last 30 days.

1. How many hands
3. PFR
1. Copy ID
2. Edit profile (can change the avatar)
3. Details for the last 30 days
4. Amount of hands played
6. PFR
7. Session results
8. Invite
9. Notifications
10. Support Team
11. Options
12. Support team contacts

Interface: actions

How to Log out
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