How to register on PokerTime
Step #1: Install the game client on the LDPlayer emulator
PokerTime is available from the LDPlayer emulator

1. Install the emulator LDPlayer
2. Download the PokerTime .apk file
3. Install PokerTime on the LDPlayer emulator

While installing PokerTime on a mobile device:
Make sure to allow installation of software downloaded from untrusted sources, which means you didn't get it from the Play Market or IOS store.
Step #2: Register
Launch the application from the emulator and go to the registration
1. Register using a phone number
2. Register using email
3. Provide your email
4. Password
5. Confirm

• We highly recommend to register your accounts using email.
• One email can only be used for 1 PokerTime account.
• You can use your email addresses or register new ones, depending on how many accounts you need.
You will get an email with 4 digit code, type it in and confirm.
1. In this field you need to write your nickname in Chinese. Please use Google Translate and translate your nickname to Chinese Simplified
2. Confirm

Important: you need to save the original writing of your username in a .txt file
Step #3: Contact us
Provide our manager with your account details: nickname and ID. You can send them in text or in a screenshot. Nickname and ID can be seen here:
Step #4: Add our club
1. Add the club ID: 104019
2. Let our manager know using which account you just sent a club join request.

Creating a cashout password

1. Go to the cashier
2. Select cashout
3. Choose "Cryptocurrency transactions"
1. You will get a code on your email address
2. Your cashout password (only numbers), use password, which you will deffinitely remember.
3. Confirm the cashout password
4. Request the code
5. Type in the code
6. Confirm
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