Cashout from RedDragon
using a bank account
Important: this method works ONLY from your phone. Unfortunately you can't use an emulator, so you will need to install the RedDragon client to your phone and perform all the steps using your phone device.

All cashouts done using this method can be done from 09:00 AM GMT till 14:00 PM GMT. Before completing the cashout request its OBLIGATORY to contact our manager to make sure that the card details and the amount are all correct. If cashout is done without contacting the manager, there is a chance that your funds will be lost.
Be prepaired: guide is quite long, but its quite simple, just follow the steps and if you have any questions - ask our manager right away.

In a nutshell, you will have to do the following:
1. Open the exchange with all the agents.
2. Type in the card information, which our manager will give you.
3. Choose an agent and contact him.
4. Wait for the transfer information from the agent.
5. Pass on the information to our manager.
Step #1 — Opening the exchange
Login to the account, open the "Wallet" tab and tap "Trade"
Type in your cashout password and click the big red "Confirm" button:
Step #2 — Now you will need to open your profile and provide the card information for a cashout. Our manager will give you the card information.
If you already cashed out before and card is already in the system, let our manager know the details, its possible that we can use that card again.

If you don't have any cards attached or you haven't cashed out before, you will need to add a new one, to do that please tap "+" to add a new card.
Type in the account details, which were given by our manager. When you are done, tap the big orange button:
Step #3 Go back to the page with a list of agents by tapping the "back" button in the top left corner.
Step #4 — Choosing an agent

Make sure that:
1. You are on the RDC tab
2. Your choice is on the 卖出 tab — Cashout mode

Which means its a way to exchange your RDC to Yuan. You will see a list of agents who will help you exchange RDC.

3. To minimize the amount of chatting with the chinese agent we suggest you choose agents, who only accept a bank account (red-blue-green icon).
4. Tap the orange button next to the chosen agent.
Step #4 — Cashout
In the new window you need to choose an amount in YUAN, which you want to cashout! You will be able to see how much RDC will be deducted from you account with this exhange rate: 1 CNY = 17.01 RDC. When you are done, click the orange button.
Important: for safety reasons, we ask our clients not to request cashouts bigger than 30,000CNY at once.
1. Type in the amount in CNY.
2. Amount in RDC
3. Continue
Step #5 — bank payment
In the next window you need to:
1. Choose the option "Bank payment"
2. Tap the orange button in the bottom right corner.
Step #6 — Chatting with an agent
A chat with an agent will open and you will automatically send a message with bank details, which agent will have to use for the cashout ( Its the same bank details, which you provided on Step #2 ).
Step #7 — Agent does the cashout procedure
Firstly the agent will check if your account has enough funds for the requested cashout. This usually takes a few minutes. After this they will have 1 hour to order a cashout. In most cases it takes around 5-20 minutes. As soon as cashout is completed - agent will let you know in chat:
Step #8 — Pass the information to our manager
You need to give all the information to our manager, that includes a screenshot of the chat with the agent, correct withdrawal amount and ID of your account. Here is an example of your message to the manager:

*screenshot of chat with agent*
Cashed out 29613.55 CNY from account {account ID}

Step #9 — Confirmation that money is received
After that, you will need to tap the confirmation button for receiving the money:

Possible issues

Issue #1: I can't type anything in the chat with the agent!
Solution: If you tabs on the device are changed frequently during the cashout, the tab with the cat with a chinese agent could lose connection for a short time. In this case it will like this:
Don't panic! All you need to do is wait 5-10 seconds, after which the chat window will restore connection and you will be able to type there.
Issue #2: Chinese agent wrote me something confusing. I have no idea what they want.
Solution: Don't worry! First of all, you can use Google Translate to translate their message. Sometimes chinese agent will want to let you know some additional details, for example, that they are planning to send the cashout with a several payments or just give you the name of the sender. You can always get some help from our manager, by sending them a screenshot of the chat.
Issue #3: I accidentally close the browser/tapped "back" and I don't know how to come back to the chat with the agent.
Solution: You can go back to the "Wallet" tab, then "Trade" and then open the cashout history in your profile.
Tap on the transaction to come back to the chat with the agent.
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