How to withdraw from RedDragon
You have to transfer your balance to our agent account through transfer.

Next day we will get a report about the balance transfer and we can send to a banking solution of your choice.
      Step #1: Create a password
      Go to the tab "Wallet" and select "withdraw".
      Press "Get Captcha", after which you will get a code in a message on your phone or your Google Voice account, which you will need to use for the "Captcha".

      Just type your password in the last 2 fields. It must be different from the main password on your account.
      Step #2: Send money to our agent account
      Go to the tab "withdraw" using the password, which you just created.

      Type in the amount of the transfer.

      Make sure, that you are sending the money to the agent account of 224906 club.

      Accept the transfer.
        The commission for sending money to an agent account is 1.5%. This money will go to the report on the next day.

        Contact our managers to make cashout to your bank account. There is standard withdrawal fee.
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