Deposit to RedDragon
using a bank account
Important: this method works ONLY from your phone. Unfortunately you can't use an emulator, so you will need to install the RedDragon client to your phone and perform all the steps using your phone device.

All deposits done using this method can be done from 09:00 AM GMT till 14:00 PM GMT. Before completing the deposit request its OBLIGATORY to contact our manager to make sure that the card details and the amount are all correct. You can continue with the request only AFTER you get a confirmation from our manager.
Be prepaired: guide is quite long, but its quite simple, just follow the steps and if you have any questions - ask our manager right away.

In a nutshell, you will have to do the following:
1. Open the exchange with all the agents.
2. Choose an agent
3. Get bank account details and give that information to our manager
4. We will transfer Chinese Yuan to that account
5. Agent will transfer you RDC
Step #1 — Open the exchange
Login to your account and open Wallet — Trade
Type in your cashout password and hit Confirm:
Step #2 — Getting familiar with the exchange
In the opened window you will see an exchange, where you can buy/sell RDC (RedDragon Coin).

You will find a list of all the agents, from who you can buy RDC.

Its necessary to make sure that:
1. You selected the RDC tab.
2. You selected the 买入 tab — its a deposit mode, ie. buying RDC.

Next steps:
3. To minimize the amount of chatting with the chinese agent we suggest you choose agents, who only accept a bank account (red-blue-green icon).
4. Tap the orange button next to the chosen agent.
Step #3 — The deposit amount
In the new window you will need to select the amount in Yuan, that you would like deposit! You will also be able to see the amount equivalent in RDC with the rate 1 CNY = 16.66 RDC.
Important: To minimize risks please DON'T order deposits of whole amounts (5,000 CNY, 10,000 CNY etc.). Always add a little reminder - 5,009 CNY, 10,013 CNY etc.
1. Type in the amount in Yuan
2. Equivalent in RDC
3. Next
Step #4 — Chat with an agent
Here is what it looks like:
After some time ( could a few seconds or minutes ) an agent will send you bank account details, to which money has to be sent for the deposit.
It will look like this:
1. Number code to identify the payment
2. Bank account
This information ( identification code and bank details) have to be sent to our manager, both in text and a screenshot. This is mandatory.

Here is an example from the picture - how your message to our manager should look like to continue the deposit procedure.
• Screenshot of chat
• Deposit: 1,017 CNY
• 中信银行 :6217 7310 0506 9774 余飞红
• Comment(identification code) 276640

Our manager will make a transfer to the bank, it will take 10-20 minutes.
Important: after opening the chat with the Chinese agent, you will have 60 minutes to finish the deposit process, because of that, you will need to send the bank account details to our manager as soon as possible.
Step #5 — Payment confirmation
Our manager will let you know as soon as the money transfer is done. After that you will need to tap the big orange button (1). This way you will notify the Chinese agent, that transfer is done.
Step #6 — Confirmation the Chinese agent
Chinese agent will check if funds have arrived to their bank account and will confirm when the transaction is completed. Usually, it takes somewhere from a few seconds to minutes. After payment confirmation, they will tell you about transfering RDC to your RedDragon account. It will look like this:
Step #7 — Checking that funds arrived
Go to the tab "Me", next "RDC Log" and check that transfer was made.

All deposits received on the account from this method, will look like "Exchange into". Example:
If for any reason, your RedDragon account wasn't refilled - IMMEDIATELY contact our manager about this.

Possible Issues

Issue #1: I can't type in the chat with the Chinese agent!
Solution: If you will be switching tabs too much, the tab with the chat might lose connecting for a short time. In this case it will look like this:
Don't worry! You only need to wait 5-10 seconds, after which the chat window will become active and you will be able to type there again.
Issue #2: Chinese agent wrote me something confusing. I have no idea what they want.

Solution: Don't worry! First of all, you can use Google Translate to translate their message. Sometimes chinese agent will want to let you know some additional details, for example, that they are planning to send the cashout with a several payments or just give you the name of the sender. You can always get some help from our manager, by sending them a screenshot of the chat.
Issue #3: I accidentally close the browser/tapped "back" and I don't know how to come back to the chat with the agent.
Solution: You can go back to the "Wallet" tab, then "Trade" and then open the cashout history in your profile.
Tap on the transaction to come back to the chat with the agent.
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