Guide for RedDragon

Here you will find all the available information about RedDragon.


1. Rake 5% from a winning table
2. Commission for profit withdrawal to your bank account - 10%
3. Min deposit - $500 per account
4. No money guarantee
5. Use RDC at the tables (RedDragon Coin), 16.66 RDC = 1 yuan
6. Real money on the account (in 16.66RDC to 1 yuan ratio)
7. Interface in English
8. No transfer between accounts
9. Players can register their own accounts
10. Mandatory insurance for all all-ins 10% from the pot, if there is no such option, then you have to use "break even".


Money system
• There is a 100:1 coefficient on all transactions in RedDragon, which means if you deposited 1000Yuan, in transactions it will show as 100,000.

• Balance on RedDragon is shown in RDC, which are 16.66:1, so if you've deposited 1000 yuan, it will show as 16,666 RDC.

• Table limits are shown using the same rules, which means that 5/10 table is actually 0.3/0.6 yuan.

Interface: actions

How to buy VIP-card ( to access statistics )
Card lasts for 30 days and gives unlimited access to statistics for each player at the table.
How to logout


How to withdraw funds from RedDragon
How to exit the table
How does the jackpot work?
• Every table with a jackpot counter has chances of jackpot
• From each 10BB bank , 0.5BB goes to the prize pool
• Prize pool is different on each limit
• Jackpot includes all of the following combinations: royal flush, straight flush and quads
• Combination should include both pocket cards
• You have to stay till the hand reveal
• If you've won the jackpot, it will be automatically transferred to your account. You will be able to see it in Transactions.

V-Points (honors) are earned while playing poker

V-Points are automatically converted during cashout process 16.66 V-Points for 1 yuan and are added to the sum.
How do I install the app on my iPhone (iOS)
1. Go to the RedDragon website
2. Tap on the button iPhone, you will get a QR code, which you can scan
3. In the new window tap on "Download 2"
4. Install the app
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