Installation guide for RedDragon poker
Step #1: Download the client
RedDragon — Poker room for mobile devices, but it can be launched on a PC through an emulator.

To do that, please select one of the following emulators and download it:

Please contact a Pokeroff manager to recieve:
  • Registration link
  • Download link for the poker client
    Step #2: Registration
    Launch the emulator and type in the registration link in the browser on the emulator.
    You will see a window that looks like this:
    1. Type in your mobile number, which you want to use for registration of your account.
    Important: You always need to have access to this mobile number, because there will be messages with confirmation codes.
    Request a code to approve your phone number.
    3. Use the code, which you received on your phone.
    4. Type in your password.
    5. Type in your password again.
    6. Tap the big grey button to finish your registration process.
    Step #3: Launch the apk-file
    If you did everything by the guide, a new page will open and you will be able to find the link to download the apk-file.
    1. Main link to download the apk-file
    2. Alternative links
      Download and install the apk-file and then try to login in the poker room.
        If you want to create a new account, you will have repeat the same steps, but now you can do it through the application by clicking register.
        Step #4: Enter a club
        Go to the tab "Club"
          There you will see a field where you can enter a code. Please type "9r28zu".
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